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History Detectives: Copperhead Cane

History Detectives: Copperhead Cane 150 150 MAX-CAST

  PBS History Detectives Season 8, Episode 2:  starting 6:47 features Stephen Maxon, Max-Cast Our contributor inherited a cane topped with a snake, According to family lore, the copperhead cane belonged to our viewer’s great-great…

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Meet Max on Iowa PBS

Meet Max on Iowa PBS 150 150 MAX-CAST

Excerpts from a profile of artist and foundryman Steve Maxon, based in rural Kalona, Iowa. The original piece, “Meet Max,” is one of a series of short documentaries about surprising sides of Iowa, produced by…

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Irving Weber Statue Documentary

Irving Weber Statue Documentary 150 150 MAX-CAST

Weber Days: A documentary about the creation of the Irving B. Weber statue that is on the corner of Iowa Avenue and Linn Street in Downtown Iowa City.

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Jeffrey Rinderknecht creates mold for statue

Jeffrey Rinderknecht creates mold for statue 150 150 MAX-CAST

Jeffrey Rinderknecht of Iowa City is shown smoothing out imperfections at Max-Cast in Kalona. The fine art foundry casts art pieces and statues in iron, bronze and aluminum. Video taken December 9, 2007, by Cedar…

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