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About Us

Sculpture Foundry Services and Artists

Founded in 1983 by Steve Maxon and joined five years later by Doris Park, Max­-Cast is a full-service sculpture foundry operating in Kalona, Iowa.

We produce original sculpture in bronze, iron and aluminum as well as offering a full range of foundry services for artists, contractors and the general public. Our people are highly skilled in all aspects of the metal casting process. Many are artist in their own right, creating their own sculpture at the foundry or working in other mediums. Click on the images below for more information about our founders.

Stephen Maxon

Born into a family of itinerant acrobats, young Stephen went lost in the western wilderness, having dropped out of the back of a medicine-show wagon. Living on snake venom and cactus thorns, the toddler was adopted and raised by wolves. Later, after being…

Doris Park

Doris Park

An appreciation of the natural world and an empathy for animals characterizes the art of Doris Park. Her charming, beautiful bronze and iron sculptures often portray unusual or unappreciated animals, such as snapping turtles or toads. The wonderful detail…


Steve Maxon and Doris Park are award-winning sculptors who have carried through a variety of commissions from planning to installation. Please contact us if you are interested in commissioning a sculpture. Steve would be delighted to assist you. For your reference, you may wish to peruse the attached guide to commissioning a bronze sculpture by artist Gareth Curtiss (originally published in Traditional Building).

Doris Park