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Replication: Reproduce an existing piece: David Henderson statue & Portrait bust of John Deere

We restore historic statues, cast items for architectural renovations, offer moldmaking, casting, welding, sandblasting, finishing, and re-patina.


David Henderson

Upper Iowa University | Fayette, Iowa

In the early ’90s, Max-Cast replicated this heroic scale 1902 statue of David Henderson, speaker of the U.S. House, for Upper Iowa University. When workers cleaned the brickwork on the library there, they spilled TSP on it making for black streaks on its original verdigris patina.

Upper Iowa decided a warm brown patina would suit the statue better, so once the stained green was removed, a ferric patina was applied.

John Deere

Deere & Company | Moline, IL

Leonard Volk was a Chicago sculptor in the mid 1800’s. He often made plaster molds of his subjects faces. Another part of his MO was putting them in togas. We have a copy of a plaster cast of Lincoln’s face that he did in 1860. He too ended up in a toga. This one of John Deere dates from the 1870’s.

We sand cast several pairs of boots for this client in bronze. The sand molds clearly pick up plenty of detail.

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Hotel Winneshiek

Project Name | Decorah, Iowa

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Work Boots

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